Beer Streetimage1

2012 / Cumming collection brief

collaboration project with Yunzhe Tan and Camille Leproust.

Inspired by the print “Beer Street” (1751) by William Hogarth where he promotes the ban of gin and drinking Beer instead as it was more healthy and caused less social problems.

We wanted to stay true to Hogarth opinion, which visually translates to a celebration of drinking Beer; but give it a modernity so that the message as an appeal to our audience. So we decided to create an interactive installation where the viewer as an immersive experience in our interpretation of getting drunk.

Three breathalyzers are displayed, each one representing a different state of drunkness. A sensor measures from which the user is nearer and makes the video react accordingly.

exhibited in "Artefacts & Affects: Exploring Objects through Sound, Space and Moving Images", Southwark Museum, London

inspiration: Beer Street and Gin Lane (1751) by William Hogarth