Wicked Shoes

2013 / protection brief


From my research about protection and feet (which has a first outcome in Shoes), another piece of information caught my imagination: in the history of the high heel all design respond to a need; however the stiletto, which is the most popular feminine shoes today, is merely the outcome of aesthetic aim.
I wondered how the stiletto entered women’s everyday life. Taking two Vogue magazines (September 2011 and May 2012), I counted the amount of flat shoes advertised: 16% and 3% respectively. It’s clear that stilettos were made from magazines. I find fascinating and alarming the way that fashion magazines can control what women wear and make them accept the restrictions. But the magazines, even if a major force, finds an ally in children stories like Cinderella and Wizard of Oz, that emphasizes the use of high heels.

With this piece, I wanted to change this, literally twisting the story of the Wizard of Oz so that the message of shoes appraisal is destroyed.